Private Sector Clients

Using the Private Sector Financial Assessment Services Contract

After many years of exclusively servicing government clients, Kingsway now provides services to the private sector.
We can provide reports directly to you or to your firm on behalf on a government agency that you are working for. 

Construction Companies

  • Join some of Australia's largest construction companies that use Kingsway to mitigate against downsteam risk. 
  • Get a better understanding of your subcontractors' and suppliers' financial capacity.  
  • Use Kingsway's experience in risk mitigation to enure you are contracting with the right entities.
  • e.g. Kingsway has assisted many of the BER managing contractors select builders.


  • Architects often take on the responsibility of running the tender process for their client.
  • Finacial analysis may however lie outside of the firms area of expertise.  That where we can henlp.
  • Kingsway can add real value to your client offering by producing fast, professional and affordable  reports.
  • Some of our architect clients respresent major retailers building shopping centers and supermarkets.   

Project Managers 

  • Project managers often find out about our services while working on assignments involving governmengt contracts.
  • Impressed by our sevices, project management firms find that our service is equally as effective for their private sector clients.
  • Kingsway can set up a company-wide systems for you to ensure that finacial assessments can be easily obtained when required.   


  • Choosing the wrong builder for your development can be the greatest mistake you can make in a property development.
  • Kingsway can provide you with a consice report on the builders financial capacity including the impact of other projects underway. 
  • The time to do the check is after calling for tenders. Once the contract is signed you have lost all levearge to get the data that you require to make the best decision.

Getting Started

To commence working with Kingsway, private sector organisations will need to sign a Service Agreement. 
There are no obligations to use the service and no requirements to purchase expiring units.

To see what types of reports are available see our Services Page.

To receive more information, please call our office on 02 8305-0600 or email us a request for further information.

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