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If you have been contacted by Kingsway with a request for your financial data, naturally you will want to find out more about us. Hopefully you will visit our website and if so, you have found the right section to alleviate your concerns.

When your organisation is being assessed you will want to be reassured that:

  • We are authorised to request your financial information by our client.
  • We review the information you provide objectively and fairly.
  • We will treat your information confidentially.
  • We will provide a mechanism whereby you can contact us to discuss any issues that may arise.

Well be rest assured, Kingsway has assessed many thousands of companies since it began serving government in 2001,
most of which are private companies (Pty Ltd) and are not required to report their financial information to the ASX or ASIC.

We therefore respect your concerns relating to confidentiality and have systems in place to ensure that your data will be appropriately treated.

When you receive a request from us you will generally receive a Letter of Authority from our Client, and a Confidentiality Statement from Kingsway. These documents will provide you with a high level of confidence in our service.

If you have any issues about responding to our enquiries, please remember that we are acting on behalf of our clients who have requested an assessment report. You should advise us or the client directly of any issues. We note however, that most Government contracts cannot be awarded without our financial assessments being completed.

In the event that we receive subsequent enquiries about your company from a client outside the scope of the original Letter of Authority of Confidentiality Statement, we will provide you with a written Consent Form to request your permission for us to use the previously supplied information.

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