Kingsway freshly investigates each assessment report on a individual basis; hence, unlike most credit reporting agencies you are not simply purchasing file reports from an existing database but obtaining a current report written by us for your specific purpose.

Kingsway has developed a successful methodology to obtain financial information from subject companies. Our Corporate Analysts make personal contact with the subject companies you request reports on, and initiate a verbal and written request for financial data on your behalf, providing subjects with assurance of data confidentiality.

We have a 99% success rate in obtaining full financial disclosure for our reports.

Kingsway uses an advanced tracking system to monitor all reports in our system. This tracking system ensures that all report are delivered on time and enables us to keep our clients updated throughout the assessment process, advising of any issues that may arise.

Our assessments are conducted using tested and robust financial criteria applied against the subject’s key financial ratios. Hence our report outcomes are consistent, and objective.

On receipt of your assessment reports (which are password protected), we provide a support service so you can discuss any aspect of the report you have received with our Senior Analysts.

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