Track record

Kingsway has been assessing contractors for more than 12 years and has a demonstrated track record of excellent service and provision of high quality information and analysis.

We have competitively tendered for and secured major Government contracts since 2001. Kingsway has maintained  these contract over a number of years with the list of agencies using the service continuing to grow each month.

Kingsway has a proven ability to deliver large volumes of assessment reports under pressure in a timely manner. 

Timely delivery

Our tracking system monitors the progress of each report ensuring timely delivery within agreed timeframes.  

Kingsway has achieved almost 100% compliance to agreed delivery times for reports every month over the past 10 years.  

A significant proportion of our work is conducted as high priority (i.e. 2 working day turnaround) adding to this achievement.  


It is imperative to our service that confidentiality is retained with respect to our clients  information and the information provided by entities that we assess.   Due to excellent security measures, systems and training we have never experienced any actual or alleged breaches of confidentiality. 

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