Tips & Fact Sheets

The following documents have been posted to assist our clients in preparing assessment requests and in interpreting assessment reports.

Identifying your tenderer

Using Free Search Tools to Identify Your Tenderer

Its important to make sure that when placing an order for an assessment, that you know exactly which corporate entity you are dealing with. Here are some free internet sites which will help you with organisation names and ACN / ABN’s.

Understanding issues in your assessment reports

Related Entity Loans

One of the most common areas of concern raised in our report involve related entity loans. Learn more about how related entity loans can affect your trading partners.

Trust Structures

Trust structures can be complicated and dealing with trusts presents additional risks. This fact sheet will give you a simple explanation of how you can trade with a trust.

Areas of Concern & Unsatisfactory Ratings

If you receive a report where the subject is rated as Unsatisfactory, or areas if Areas of Concern are raised in the report, you may want some further advice. This fact sheet is a good place to start.

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