1. Register as an on-line user by selecting Register.  If you do not know your Kingsway client code contact Kingsway or leave it blank.

2. You will receive an email notification of your registration for your records.

Order a report

1. Login with your User Name & Password.

2. Select New Order.   

3. Complete the Order Form.

4. You can check the ABN and ACN using the features provided.

5.  Submit. You wil receive an email notification of your order.

Order another report

1. If this is for a different project, use New Order.

2. If this is for another contractor on the same project, go to Your Orders, find the previous order and Edit abd Replicate.

3. The contract details will be duplicated.  Change the Subject Details and select the report Type and Priority Level.

4. Submit. You will receive an email notification of your Order.

View your past orders

1. Login.

2. Select Your Orders and View Order

For support please ring Robert Jochelson on 02 8305-0607.


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