Financial Assessment Training

Demystify financial statement analysis with our courses on  “Financial Assessment Risk Training”.

This one day course is packed with useful information and includes basic accounting theory and practical case studies.

Most of our clients are from a non-accounting background, so our reports are designed to be easy to read and understand.

Some clients find that after receiving some reports they have become interested to learn more about financial statement analysis.

Hence we conduct regular client training seminars - “Financial Assessment Risk Training”.

Now in its fifth year, the one day course is designed to demystify financial statement analysis and has been highly rated by attendees.

Groups of between 8 and 15 attendees can be accommodated.

See News and Events for the next training dates.

The learning outcomes of the course are :

  • To understand the significance of financial information, its format and content in context of different types of organizations including proprietary companies, subsidiary companies and trustee companies.

  • To understand the major finance and accounting terms, principles and concepts so as to effectively interpret financial information.

  • To identify factors and approaches that impact on the financial position and performance of companies.

  • To understand the tools and techniques available for improved working capital management

  • To analyse financial performance of a company using financial ratios and other tools.

  • To understand the context and scope of the financial assessment reports, assessment criteria and their limitations.

  • To understand the different financial risks associated with contracting with different organizations including proprietary companies, subsidiary companies and trustee companies. 

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