Goods & Services Reports

For critical supply contracts you need to know that your supplier has the financial resources to
deliver and support the products and services on offer. 

Goods & Services Reports are designed to assess the financial capacity of suppliers for non-construction related supply contracts.

A supplier under financial stress can be a major risk factor for the initial supply and on-going support of your products.

Getting an appraisal of their financial capacity is a critical risk management step in the procurement process.

Key features of Kingsway's Goods & Services Reports:

  • Focuses on the applicant's financial capacity to provide goods and services of a particular value or set an upper maximum financial limit for annual supply.
  • Priority or Standard turnaround available.
  • Easy to read plain english Executive Summary explains the financial position.
  • Comprehensive analysis of financial and non-financial information.

Contents of Kingsway's Goods & Services Reports:

Our comprehensive report structure includes the following sections with data independently sourced from the subject, statutory sources and third party references.

  • Cover Page
  • Executive Summary 
  • Prequalification Assessment Rating
  • Financial Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Graphical Overview
  • Banking Details
  • Debtor & Creditor Analysis
  • Banking Details
  • Guarantee Information
  • Contractor’s Declaration
  • Statutory Data
  • Registered Charges
  • Trading Details
  • Company Operations
  • Company History
  • Director’s Profiles
  • Projects - Past and Current
  • Supplier Trade References
  • Subcontractor Trade References
  • Default & Court Action Checks

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