Prequalification Assessment Reports

It is well established that using prequalified contractors significantly the reduces the risk
of engaging sub-standard contractors.

Prequalification assessment reports can be used to assess contractors' eligibility to prequalification schemes and supply panels within various defined financial ranges and can be used to set maximum financial limits.

The credibility of a prequalification scheme is ultimately dependent on the quality of the approved contractors.

A contractor under financial pressure can be a major risk factor so getting an appraisal of their financial strength is an essential risk management step in the prequalification process.

The best time to deal with this is at the time of the prequalification application.  

We can help you with all the documentation you need to gather relevant financial information at the application stage and can assess it for you.

Key features of Kingsway's Prequalification Reports:

  • Focuses on the applicant's financial capacity, setting an upper maximum financial prequalification limit and allocating the contractor to an appropriate financial range.
  • Priority or Standard turnaround available.
  • Easy to read plain english Executive Summary explains the financial position.
  • Comprehensive analysis of financial and non-financial information.

Contents of Kingsway's Prequalification Reports:

Our comprehensive report structure includes the following sections with data independently sourced from the subject, statutory sources and third party references.

  • Cover Page
  • Executive Summary 
  • Prequalification Assessment Rating
  • Financial Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Graphical Overview
  • Banking Details
  • Debtor & Creditor Analysis
  • Banking Details
  • Guarantee Information
  • Contractor’s Declaration
  • Statutory Data
  • Registered Charges
  • Trading Details
  • Company Operations
  • Company History
  • Director’s Profiles
  • Projects - Past and Current
  • Supplier Trade References
  • Subcontractor Trade References
  • Default & Court Action Checks

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