Self Assessment Reports

The Veda Group is licensed by the Federal Government through ASIC to issue Credit Ratings in Australia and can now offer you the opportunity to have an independent official credit rating.

This is completed through a highly consultative process assuring your company is portrayed to its potential clients in the correct light.

The process includes our professional opinion as to your:
o     Official Credit Rating

o     Key financial strengths
o     Forward looking Credit Rating outlook

We will also benchmark your company against your industry, utilising our deep industry database.

This will provide you with valuable insights as to how you compare to your industry peers and include a detailed analysis and commentary.
You will have the option of providing your Credit Rating to third parties; to pro-actively take control of assessments by third parties.

Extra benefits

o    Take control of assessments by third parties
o    Strengthen your tender submissions
o    Instill confidence in your clients
o    Improve efficiency

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